Getting to know ScreenShots Inc's online T-Shirt and Product Designer

Getting to know ScreenShots Inc's online T-Shirt and Product Designer

Designing your own custom tshirts, apparel and promotional products has never been easier. Using ScreenShots Inc's online product designer tool, create uniquely branded items for your company or event. Whether you're looking for t-shirts, banners, promotional items such as cups, mugs or pens or team apparel, our product designer can handle them all. Master our online designer using this breakdown of all the features our designer has to offer.

The Product Tab

Product Tab Overview

The product tab is where you will find available options for your product, like the product color. From this tab, you can also easily switch to a different product from the list on the left side of the designer under the available color options.

The Designs Tab

The Designs tab is the heart and soul of the designer. This is where you will find all the available design options, clipart, templates, backgrounds, shapes.

Designs Tab Overview

On the left hand side of the designer is the elements pane, indicated by the surrounding gray background that separates it from the designer canvas. This is where you will find drop down options for categories and subcategories of each design type, with the art elements displayed beneath them. Furthest to the left are the Design Type options, these include:

  • Designs

    The majority of our design elements and clipart can be found under the 'Designs' label. Designs can be sorted by category, sub-category, alphabetically by name, or search for a piece of art by name or tag.

  • Backgrounds

    The backgrounds tab features fills you can use to cover the designable area of a product. These are handy for banners, popup tents and other promotional items.

  • Templates

    Templates are pre-designed artwork that include editable elements, such as text.

  • QR Codes

    Generate scannable QR codes for your products that can take a customer straight to a URL, address an email, or call a phone number.

    Add QR Codes to products
  • Shapes

    Basic shapes and polygons that can be used in conjunction with other design elements to create that unique look you're going for.

  • Hand Drawing

    Hand Drawing Tools

    Hand-drawing allows you to free-hand create elements using your mouse. There are three modes; Line mode allows you to draw using only straight lines. The pencil tool will let you draw freely with your mouse, while the Bazier Path tool allows you to create points and curves.

  • My Gallery

    My Gallery holds all the images and artwork you have uploaded during your session, making them easily available for use.

  • Distress Effect

    Distress Effects are effects that can be layered over elements to create a unique pattern or design.

Design Types

On the right hand side of the canvas, you'll find another toolbar, we refer to this as the 'Actions' toolbar. These actions allow you to manipulate objects/elements within the print boundary. The actions toolbar contains the following options:

  • Print Preview

    This option will provide you with a preview of your printable proof

  • Product Info

    Displays relative product info

  • Copy

    Copies the currently subjected object in the designer

  • Paste

    Paste the object you just copied

  • Forward Swap

    Move an object forward in the layer stack

  • Backward Swap

    Move an object backward in the layer stack

  • Horizontal Align

    Align object horizontally

  • Vertical Align

    Align object vertically

  • Flip Horizontal

    Horizontally mirror an object

  • Flip Vertical

    Vertically mirror an object

  • Remove

    Delete an object from the canvas

  • Clear All

    Remove all objects/elements from the canvas

Actions Toolbar

Upload Images Tab

This tab is where you'll find options for importing/uploading your own image or artwork. Artwork can be uploaded from your local computer, facebook or instagram

Upload Images Overview

Accepted formats are .jpg/.jpeg, .svg and .png.

The Text Tab

Text Tab Overview

The text tab is pretty self explanatory, this is where you go to add text to your custom designs. Aside from plain text, the text tab features advanced tools such as Curved Text, Text on a Path, Text Effects, Text Art and the ability to generate word clouds to fill shapes.

  • Plain Text

    Add plain text and paragraphs using the plain text tool.

  • Curved Text

    The curved text tool allows you to create text on a specified curve radius.

  • Text on a Path

    The text on a path tool lets you align text along a specified path.

  • Text Effects

    Text effects allow you to generate plain text using unique patterns and effects.

  • Text Art

    The text art tool allows you to warp and distort text with different effects.

  • Word Clouds

    Word Clouds are a popular trend in t-shirt designs these days. Easily create word clouds to fill a variety of shapes using the Word Cloud tool.

Text Toolbar

The Designer Canvas

The canvas is the area of the designer in which you will do your actual designing. Each product has it's own canvas template and boundary to work within.

Designer Canvas Overview

On the left hand side of the canvas area, you'll find a toolbar that contains the following options:

  • Undo

    Undo the previous action

  • Redo

    Repeat the previous action

  • Zoom

    Zoom in on the product. Click a second time to zoom in even further, and a third time to zoom back out.

  • Layers Panel

    Designer Layers Panel Overview

    Easily view all the different design elements and artwork used in your custom design. Move elements up or down in the stack order, or easily delete a layer from this pane.

Canvas Tools