Lady Zizzer Basketball PinkOut 2018

Lady Zizzer Basketball PinkOut 2018

We're excited to start a new weekly blog series dedicated to our awesome customers with our Design Of The Week articles. These articles will feature the design and final product of one customer each week. Without further ado, our very first Design of the Week belongs to the Lady Zizzer Basketball PinkOut.

Ladzy Zizzer Basketball Pinkout

Students Jacob Zubrod, Aida Saba, Bella Beck and Braedon Fielder in Scott Heidy's Commercial & Advertising Art class at the South Central Career Center recently partnered with Screenshots Inc. to produce the 2018 Lady Zizzers PinkOut t-shirts. Screenshot owners Joe & Lisa Elliot said the students' work ethic, speed and ability to print were fantastic.

The 2018 Lady Zizzer PinkOut games place take place this evening with proceeds of the t-shirt benefiting the Ozarks Medical Center Cancer Treatment Center.  The Lady Zizzers will take on the Lebanon Yellow Jackets beginning at 4:30 p.m.  Special thanks to Community First Banking Company for sponsoring. 

What is a Pink Out?

Pink Outs are events designed to encourage and engage communities to participate in fundraisers and raising awareness for breast cancer and breast cancer research. Pink Outs usually consists of large groups wearing pink tshirts and ribbons or a combination of another color with pink, as pink symbolizes breast cancer awareness.

Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

While breast cancer can be found in both men and women, it is found much more often in women. Many of the risks associated with breast cancer are beyond our control - such as aging, genetic mutations, and having a family history of breast cancer-, but there are several risks that we do have some control over, that can help to mitigate the risks of developing breast cancer. Such risks include:

• Not being physically active

• Being overweight or obese, especially after menopause

• Using combination hormone therapy

• Taking oral contraceptives (birth control pills)

• Drinking alcohol

Being aware of these risks may help you make healthier lifestyle choices which may help protect you from developing issues later on in life.