How to Wash Your Screen Printed Apparel

How to Wash Your Screen Printed Apparel

Working in any industry, there are questions you hear repeatedly. One of the questions we hear frequently here at ScreenShots, is, 'How do I safely wash my screen printed apparel or products?'. Now, while we're no Martha Stewart, we do know a thing or two about preserving the life of your prints while keeping the garments clean and fresh. Following these basic steps can greatly increase the lifespan of your screen printed clothing and other fabrics.

First, lets start with the basics. When washing screen printed apparel, graphic tee's or other printed products, always use cold water. Never wash a printed product with warm water unless specifically instructed to on the products tags. Cold water is much gentler on the fabrics, inks, and will get your clothing just as clean as hot water.

The second point we're going to touch on, is avoiding using high heat when drying your clothes. High heat is by far the worst enemy of printed apparel. Never dry your clothes on high heat. If possible, dry your screen printed apparel on a low heat setting, then remove them before the cycle is over and hang dry them to let them finish.

Avoid using bleach or other strong detergents on printed apparel. Harsh chemicals only damage and speed up the deterioration of your printed products and harm the dyes in the actual garment itself, causing your favorite shirt to fade to a dull reminder of what it once looked like. Use a mid-level detergent and use a stain remover tool like 'Tide To Go' on spots as needed.

The last, and probably most important factor we're going to talk about is making sure to turn printed products inside out before throwing them in the washing machine. Most people do this with t-shirts and jeans when doing laundry anyway, so it should almost be second nature. Turning clothing inside out helps to protect the print from potential damage caused from friction with other items or from the washer/dryer itself. Similar to turning clothes inside out, washing similar fabrics together can help preserve the quality of your prints and extend the lifetime of your product.

There you have it, simple, effective ways to extend the life of all your screen printed apparel and get the most out of your product.

Have any other tips or tricks for washing screen printed apparel or other products?  Questions concerning this article? Let us know in the comments below!